Wiener & Slater Law Offices has over 40 years of experience in protecting the interests of Vermonters and their businesses. Whether you are just starting your business or ready to sell your existing one, we are prepared to assist you. We have extensive experience business formation as well as reviewing or preparing commercial leases, purchase and sales agreements, notices of intent and asset purchase agreements. Wiener & Slater Law Offices are here to draw up and review all of your legal documents to make sure you are protected.

Corporate Dissolution

When the officers of a business decide to shut down the corporation, the process of dissolution can be a tricky one. Wiener & Slater Law Offices are here to help address and resolve all of the company’s debts and assets, and pays all creditors and shareholders.

In the process of dissolution, certain legal actions should be executed to assure that your assets are protected from any liability. For example, you should research whether you need to continue to purchase insurance to cover any product liability issues, you should file a bulk sale report if you are selling off inventory, and if you are planning to lay off employees, you will be required to give notice, provide insurance, and think about severance packages.

Dispute Resolution / Litigation

Because we all hope to be able to amicably settle any conflicts that may arise between corporations, and we know that litigation is not everyone’s first choice, we encourage alternative dispute resolution, as well as mediating/arbitrating matters as a last resort before trial. However, sometimes these efforts are not always successful, and we have decades of experience litigating for Vermont businesses and individuals. We also have a network of litigators we can rely on in assisting his clients in complex litigation.

Wiener & Slater Law Offices work with you to protect your best interests, your assets, and your corporate entity.

Business Formation

In Vermont, business entities can take many forms. The most common are corporations, limited liability companies (LLCs), partnerships, and sole proprietorships.

The legal structure of the business determines how the entity is taxed, where the liability within the business entity falls, and how organization and control of the entity is defined.

If you are starting a business, Wiener & Slater Law Offices can help you learn and fully understand the differences between each form of entity, so that we can best work with you and properly determine which type of entity best suits the needs of your new business.

Commercial Leases

A commercial lease is a type of legal agreement between a landlord and a business, where the business uses the property for the purpose of conducting commercial activity from that property.

While residential leases are drafted for the enjoyment of a tenant’s space, commercial leases are created with the goal of running and maintaining a business. These two types of leases do share features in common, for example rent and security deposits, commercial leases are quite different from residential leases.

As a landlord or a tenant, entering into a commercial lease agreement can be a cumbersome undertaking,and it can make or break your business. It is critical that you understand the lease provisions before you sign. Whether leasing space from one of our many shopping centers, or in a smaller space, Wiener & Slater Law Offices can help you negotiate the terms of a commercial lease that best protect your interests.

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