Writing a will is a legal declaration about how you would like your money, assets, property, valuables and other personal belongings to distributed to after you die.

A detailed and thorough will makes sure your estate is transferred to the beneficiaries you name, according your wishes and intentions. Having a will in place establishes expectations as well as promotes a sense of confidence and comfort.

Wiener & Slater Law Offices have over 40 years of experience working with clients to draw up comprehensive wills that clearly state intentions and objectives. This legal document will ensure families are taken care of, that property passes efficiently to the beneficiaries you name, that expenses are kept to a minimum, and that favorite charitable causes are supported.


We know that losing a loved one is a difficult process, and we help those left behind to make sure the estate process is as smooth as it can be.

An estate lawyer, also called a probate lawyer (or attorney), represents the executor of a will throughout the entire probate process by advising the executor and all the beneficiaries of an estate on any legal matters if they were to arise.

Wiener & Slater Law Offices can assist you with locating and securing both probate and non probate assets, collecting life insurance proceeds, obtaining values and appraisals of the decedent’s property, and advising on the payment of the decedent’s debts and final bills.

Additionally, we can help you with sale of any property and assets, settling any disputes between the executor and any beneficiaries, and retitling the decedent’s assets into the names of the beneficiaries.

Wills & Estates