If It Touches Dirt, We Handle It!

Wiener & Slater Law Offices, PLLC have been practicing real estate law in Chittenden County for over 40 years. We have built solid relationships with national and local companies as well as with individuals, allowing us to create favorable outcomes and protect your interests.

Whether it is purchasing, selling, or refinancing properties, or planning, financing, developing, constructing or operating, we know how to represent you and your business in real estate transactions.

Wiener & Slater Law Offices are agents for First American Title Insurance and Stewart Title Insurance. We have broad experience in dispute resolution, condominium law, and the creation of common interest communities.

We are honored to represent businesses and individuals, as well as residential and commercial real estate brokers. We also represent mortgage lenders and real estate investors.

At Wiener & Slater Law Offices, we have extensive experience in assisting our clients through refinancing real estate, including commercial refinancing, residential refinancing, and SBA loans. We also have years of experience assisting debtors in modifying and/or restructuring the terms of their loans, which can increase cash flow and help a business return to profitability.

Wiener & Slater Law Offices can guide you through the process of choosing and creating the best solution to your fit your needs.
 Our real estate services include the following areas of expertise:

Buying Real Estate

Buying a home or a commercial property is a significant undertaking. Wiener & Slater Law Offices represent buyers of residential and commercial real estate primarily in Chittenden, Franklin, Addison, Lamoille, and Orleans counties, delivering tremendous value to your real estate transactions through our 40 plus years of experience.

In the state of Vermont, having an experienced attorney to represent you in a real estate purchase is essential to ensure that you are buying what you contracted for, that you are not buying a series of problems, and that you clearly understand the terms of the loan into which you are entering.

Selling Real Estate

Ready to sell? Wiener & Slater Law Offices will protect your interests throughout the course of your sale. We have finely tuned our skills in drafting and reviewing purchase and sales agreements, options, lease-to-own agreements, development contracts, rights of first refusal, and many other types of contracts involving real estate.

We prepare deeds, transfer tax returns, land gains returns, out-of-state withholding returns, and other documents necessary for a smooth closing. Our experienced staff is familiar with all aspects of document preparation and is ready to answer all of your questions.

Real Estate Development

With over 40 years of experience in negotiating and drafting real estate contracts, Wiener & Slater Law Offices has represented both builders and property owners, and are able to help resolve issues that arise during the course of a project that relates to construction.

We also have years of experience assisting condominium and subdivision developers by drafting covenants, condominium bylaws and declarations, and working with engineers and permit specialists. We are also able to advise on the formation of homeowners associations.

Real Estate Dispute Resolution

The primary goal of Wiener & Slater Law Offices is to favorably resolve real estate and construction disputes without going to litigation, and our track record is outstanding. However, if the case does go to litigation, we have 40 plus years of experience in achieving favorable results that protect our clients’ interests.


At the Wiener & Slater Law Offices, we have over four decades of experience reporting title search results in the form of a title opinion to home buyers that describe any rights of way, covenants, easements, or other issues that might affect the property. At the closing, we also review all of the loan documents so that our clients fully understand the documents they have executed.

A title search, however, is not a guarantee of clear title, or that some new issue may not arise in the future. We strongly recommend all that buyers purchase a title insurance policy.

At Wiener & Slater Law Offices, we can help guide you through the purchase of title insurance to protect your real estate interests.

In Vermont, there are two types of available title insurance, owner’s title insurance coverage and lender’s title insurance coverage. If you buy a home through a lender, the lender may require that you purchase a lender’s title insurance policy to protect the lender in the event of a title claim. The purchaser does not have any coverage under this type of title insurance. Owner’s title insurance is available to the buyer at closing to protect your interests in the real estate. Both of these policies generally have a one-time premium that is paid at closing.

Title insurance is important because, even though the attorney goes to great lengths to complete a thorough title search for the property, sometimes unrecorded or forged deeds and mortgages are a possibility. An owner’s title insurance policy insures the home buyer as the legal owner of the property, with clear title to the property.

Filing a claim against the title attorney is expensive and cumbersome, where recovering any loss under a title insurance policy is easier because title insurance companies must pay claims with funds that have been set aside specifically for that purpose.

We work primarily with two title insurance companies:

Real Estate Law